On a Cliff off Dinkey Creek Road by Shaver Lake

January 27, 2019


A New Dinkey Creek Campsite

After our regular campsite off Big Creek got discovered and trashed, we transitioned to a new campsite off Dinkey Creek Road out by Shaver Lake.

What’s awesome is the only way to get to this campsite is by a short walk from another (more well-known) campsite.

There are a few other campers that use this site, but it doesn’t seem to get as much traffic as the other surrounding campsites.

Probably because it takes a little effort to find it.

And I’m talking like microscopic levels of effort lol.

That, and there are no amenities at this camp site, which is exactly how I like to camp.

I’ve never been one to utilize outhouses, showers, and electricity while camping.

If I wanted those amenities, I’d just stay in the city.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind car camping…

I just don’t like living room camping!

What you lack in amenities, however, you definitely make up for in view and pure solitude.

We camp here a few times a year and have yet to hear or see anyone else while camping.

Again, this is despite the fact that there are other, more popular, campsites nearby.

Out here, you’re off the beaten path enough that most people tend to spread out in the area.

It usually take a distant gunshot to remind you that you are not along out there.

And even that I generally don’t mind.

Then the Pine Beetles Hit Dinkey Creek

Despite not being close to Dinkey Creek, this site remained green for many years.

In fact, it was one of our first camp sites above the oaks for the longest time.

It’s great for when the Central Valley is just too hot to camp out in.

The campsite, however, did not escape the drought and onslaught of western pine beetles.

These pictures were taken over a few years span, and you can see the progressions of beetle damage.

Several fires passed through the area and cleared out some of the dead standing trees but quite a few still remain.

We’ll still be doing some Dinkey Creek camping in the future, but have already started looking for higher elevation campsites.


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